10 tracks: 14 €
30 tracks: 42 €
50 tracks: 70 €

This page gives you some tips to record your audio so that I can make best use of it at mixdown.

Tracks format

Please send me all your individual tracks as uncompressed wav or aif files that all have the same length.
If you have midi-programmed tracks, feel free to also send the midi files - they won't count as additional tracks.

Duplicate Tracks

If you'd like some tracks to have a big wide/thick sound, then I advise that you record them twice and send me both tracks. This is usually very useful on saturated guitars and vocals.


This tip is especially valid for vocals.
When recording, do several takes and combine them into one track by keeping the best part from each take (or send me all and I'll do the work for you, but it will count as additional tracks).

Aim for feeling

Aim for your tracks to have feeling, not necessarily to be perfect technically. I can fix most technical issues during the mix phase.

Use effects with care

Do not use too many effects on your tracks: do not over-distort guitars, do not add reverb to your vocal tracks, do not over compress your tracks.
The reason for this is that it's easy for me to add effects if needed, but quite tricky to remove them.

Rough mix

If you wish, feel free to send along a "rough mix" you did, and tell me what you like and don't like about it. This will help me understand the direction you wish to give to your song.